Brad Garnett

Welcome to my Digital Forensics and Incident Response oasis!

Digital Forensics, Incident Response, and Information Security

Welcome to my Digital Forensics and Incident Response oasis. This site will be a single repository and venue for me to share and hopefully further engage with colleagues, and anyone wanting to learn more about the ever changing world of Cybersecurity.

I am an experienced Digital Forensic Examiner and Incident Responder. I am a Team Leader of Incident Response with a Fortune 100 company. I am a seasoned cybersecurity professional and spent a decade in law enforcement. I maintain several vendor-neutral forensic certifications (CCE, GCFE, GCFA, GNFA) and also have many IT certifications. My educational background spans law enforcement and information technology. I work with the many large government and private sector entities. I am also an Adjunct Faculty Instructor where I teach an undergrad cyber crime and computer forensics course  with blend of Homeland Security and IT majors.

4978 0003 B203 48BA

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